Sharon Wilson

All about Sharon


Sharon Wilson is a dynamic Catholic Speaker and writer who speaks and works to bring others to the fullness of God's Mercy.  

Touched  by an experience of the Holy Spirit, Sharon shares her story of hurt and healing after struggling with infertility,  a selective reduction and the subsequent loss of an infant son to SIDS.  Feeling that she had been abandoned by the God she didn't even believe in, Sharon has come to see the beauty of her wounds and the fullness of the life God has chosen for her. It is her mission to share that joy with others.

Funny, entertaining and slightly irreverent, Sharon is a natural story teller and shares her love of the Church and for God's forgiveness through the every day actions in our lives.  

Living in Faribault, Minnesota Sharon shares her love of the Catholic Church and passion for healing in her work for the for  WINE - Women in the New Evangelization and as a freelance writer and Blogger for the Catholic Spirit and 

"It has always puzzled me why Christ returned after the resurrection with wounds on his glorified body.  He didn't need them, but others needed to see them to believe.  In this way his wounds were no longer shameful, they became a source of hope and faith for others. We all have wounds and sometimes we get stuck in the pain of our wounds, but if we can see God's work in our pain we can live our lives with joy and without shame."   Sharon Wilson

Listen  HERE to an interview on Radio Maria as Sharon tells her story. 

“Can you imagine what would have happened to poor St. Thomas had Christ hidden his wounds after his resurrection...  but sharing how you have been redeemed and renewed and changed could only strengthen your mission and lead to even deeper healing within your own heart." - Fr. Nate LaLiberte